Average Jet Ski Trailer Dimensions [Length, Width, Height]

Jet ski trailer dimensions (just like the sizes of jet skis) are important considerations for many buyers. If you are looking for these numbers, you are in the right place! In a nutshell, average jet ski trailer dimensions are as follows:

  • Singe jet ski trailersLength: 140”-180“, Width: 55”-65”
  • Double jet ski trailersLength: 170”-230”, Width: 92”-108”
  • 3-4 place jet ski trailersLength: 300”-400”, Width: 100”-110”

If you would like to compare jet ski trailers from different manufacturers, keep reading.

We at PowerSportsGuide have done the research, and compiled the average ski trailer dimensions under one roof!

Average Jet Ski Trailer Dimensions

How Wide Are Jet Ski Trailers?

As a rule of thumb, single jet ski trailers are typically 55-65 inches wide. Some of the narrowest jet ski trailers are manufactured by Triton, as these single trailers are only 55 inches wide. In contrast, TideWater, Load Rite, and Haul Rite trailers are much wider, as these models can reach a width of 60-65 inches.

How Long is a Jet Ski Trailer?

It’s safe to say that the majority of single jet ski trailers are 140-180 inches long. One of the shortest jet ski trailers on the market is made by Com-Fab and is only 140 inches long. However, you can find many smaller trailers in the fleet of Triton and TideWater as well. At the other end of the spectrum, you can find the SHAD 1 trailer from ShadowTrailers, which is arguably one of the longest single jet ski trailer on the market.

This model is 222 inches long and comes with an extended tongue, utility storage box, gas can rack, and tandem spare tires. All of these features make this trailer significantly longer than competitor models.

How Long is a Sea-Doo Spark Trailer?

The official Sea-Doo Spark trailer is 154 inches long and 63 inches wide and is available directly from the manufacturer. What’s more, the total weight of this trailer is as low as 882 pounds, meaning that you can even tow this setup with a small car.

But don’t forget that you can purchase a trailer for a Sea-Doo Spark from many other manufacturers, as a Sea-Doo will fit on most production jet ski trailer models.

How Tall is a Jet Ski Trailer?

When it comes to the height of jet ski trailers we have to distinguish between three different measurements, which are as follows:

  • Jet ski trailer hitch height: 18-20 inches
  • Jet ski trailer bunk height: 20-32 inches
  • Jet ski trailer winch height: 30-40 inches

The height of a jet ski trailer depends on many factors such as the size of its wheels, type of suspension, and the design of the frame.

On some trailers, the bunks (the carpeted wood pieces that hold the hull) are located directly above the frame.

The bunk height of these jet ski trailers is typically as low as 20-22 inches.

Jet Ski + Trailer Height

The height of a jet ski trailer (with the jet ski on it) is often overlooked, but in certain cases, it can be an important consideration.

For instance, if you would like to store your jet ski on (or under) a 4-post garage lift it’s wise to know the measurements upfront.

First, you have to find out the height of the jet ski. The height of stand-up jet skis ranges from 26 up to 33 inches, while sit-down models are about 41-48 inches tall.

To calculate the total height of the jet ski + trailer, you have to add at least 20 inches to the height of the specific jet ski model. But keep in mind that the design and dimensions of a trailer vary by model, so this measurement can even be slightly more. Finally, this means the overall height of a jet ski when sitting on the trailer ranges from 46 up to 70 inches.

Placing them on a trailer, the height of the average stand-up jet ski is about 50 inches, while the average sit-down jet ski is 65 inches high.  

Please don’t forget that these are pretty average numbers. Some trailer designs allow the jet ski to sit deeper while others have higher bunks.

Therefore, if you want to store your jet ski in a tight place, best practice is that you measure the selected model on the trailer before you make your purchase.

If it can’t fit in, you can still consider moving the jet ski onto a stand. These movable jet ski stands are significantly smaller and lower than trailers.

Are you wondering where to put the trailer?

You can still store it outside or just take its wheels off and stand it up near the wall in your garage. This is a bit of a hassle but this way your trailer will take up very little space.

Double Jet Ski Trailer Dimensions

How Wide is a Double Jet Ski Trailer?

Since the two machines sit side-by-side on these trailers, 2-place jet ski trailers are always significantly wider than their single-place brothers. Based on our research, the majority of double jet ski trailers are about 92-108 inches wide.

If you considering buying a double trailer, keep in mind that many of them don’t fit through a single garage door.

This is because the average width of a single garage door is about 100 inches.

Therefore, if you have a single garage door to get through, double-check the dimensions of the door as well as the selected trailer before you make your purchase!

How Long is a Double Jet Ski Trailer?

Generally speaking, the length of double jet ski trailers falls into a 170-230 inches range. This means they can still fit in a regular garage, which are typically 240-280 inches long. But if space is an issue for you (e. g. you already have things stored against the rear wall) you should take a look at jet ski trailers with a foldable tongue.

On these trailers, the tongue can easily be folded to one side, which shortens the length of the trailer.

This feature can really be useful if you prefer a long tongue jet ski trailer, as storing these long units is always a hassle.

3 and 4-Place Jet Ski Trailers

Huge 3 and 4-place jet ski trailers are typically used by rentals and repair shops. These bulky trailers can reach a length of 300-400 inches and a width of 100-110 inches. Most of them are equipped with fuel can racks or extra storage boxes, which also add extra inches to their length.

Jet Ski Trailer Dimension Chart

For your convenience, we’ve listed the average jet ski trailer dimensions in one chart:

TypeLength (“)Width (“)
Single jet ski trailer140-18055-65
Double jet ski trailer170-23092-108
3-4 place trailers300-400100-110

For informational purposes only!

How Long Should Jet Ski Bunks Be?

As a rule of thumb, the bunks on most stock jet ski trailers are 6 feet long. However, not all trailers are the same, so you may find some with longer (6.5-7 feet) or even slightly shorter bunks. Based on experiences, 6-foot bunks work well for most production jet skis.

If you are looking for a stand-up jet ski, keep in mind that these models typically fit on smaller trailers and bunks. These models are only 80-100 inches long, which translates to 6.7-9 feet.

In contrast, the longest production jet ski, the Sea-Doo Fish Pro is longer than 12 feet. What’s more, some vintage 4-seater Sea-Doos like the LRV reaches an outstanding length of 13 feet.

So finally, the exact bunks and trailer sizes you need are strongly dependent on the dimensions of the jet ski.

Instead of regular carpeted wooden bunks, some trailers feature rollers, which makes it easier to launch the machines, especially in shallow water.

On the other hand, according to WatercraftJournal bunks provide better support for the bottom of the jet ski.

Can You Put One Jet Ski on a Double Trailer?

Yes, contrary to popular belief you can place one jet ski on a double trailer without any issues! Just make sure you properly tie down the front and the rear ends of the jet ski. The only possible issue could be uneven wear on the tires if you put a lot of miles on the trailer.

To avoid this, if you want to regularly haul one jet ski on a double trailer make sure that you vary the side the machine sits on.

Best practice is to put it on the opposite side after each ride from where it was before.

Can a Jet Ski Fit in a Toy Hauler?

Yes, most toy haulers can accommodate a jet ski, but don’t forget that you still have to launch the machine. This means you should load your jet ski onto a toy hauler on a dolly or even on its trailer, as you can see in this video:


If you want to regularly haul your jet ski, you will need a nice trailer that fits your jet ski and in your garage, too. What are the average dimensions of a jet ski trailer?

In a nutshell, single jet ski trailers are 140-180 inches long and 55-65 inches wide. Double trailers are always much wider as they can reach a width of 92-108 inches and a length of 170-230 inches. The biggest jet ski trailers on the market can carry 3-4 or even 6 jet skis depending on the make and model. These trailers are typically 300-400 inches long and 100-110 inches wide.

Don’t forget that the exact trailer size you need depends on the selected jet ski.

Stand-up jet ski trailers are always significantly smaller while the newest sit-down jet skis always need bigger trailers because of their extended dimensions.

This is our short post about the average jet ski trailer dimensions. We hope you find it useful!


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