How Wide is a Trike Motorcycle? [Average Trike Dimensions]

The majority of trike motorcycles are typically 35-60 inches wide. When it comes to trike conversions, the width of the machine is strictly dependent on the dimensions of the trike kit. The narrowest trike kits are only 50 inches wide, while the widest ones can reach a width of 60-66 inches. Finally, except for some extra wide custom-built vehicles, almost every trike motorcycle has a width in the 35-66-inch range.

If you would like to learn more about average trike dimensions, this post is for you!

How Wide is a Trike Motorcycle?

How Wide is a Factory Trike Motorcycle?

When it comes to the width of factory-built trike motorcycles, there is a lot of confusion out there. This is because many manufacturers don’t provide these important specifications on their websites for some odd reason!

But we at PowerSportsGuide have done the research and compiled the widths of some popular trike motorcycles under one roof:

  • Piaggio MP3 500 (scooter): 30.5 inches
  • Yamaha Tricity 300 (scooter): 32.1 inches
  • Yamaha Niken GT: 34.8 inches
  • Harley Davidson factory trikes: 54.7-55.3 inches
  • Can-Am Ryker: 59.4 inches
  • Can-Am Spyder: 61.2 inches

As you can see, trike scooters are significantly smaller than full-scale trikes, as these models are typically only 30-32 inches wide.

The sporty Yamaha Niken GT trike is nearly 35 inches wide, while the width of the factory Harley motorcycle is about 55 inches.

Regarding reverse trikes, you can expect the width of the Cam-Am Spyder and Ryker to be about 59-61 inches.

How Wide is a Motorcycle Trike Kit?

It’s safe to say that most motorcycle trike kits are 50-66 inches wide. If you are looking for more stability when cornering, you should take a look at the wider kits. As an example, Voyager trike kits are 55-60 inches wide, while the widest trike motorcycle kits can reach the 64-66-inch range.

How Long is a Trike Motorcycle?

Surprisingly, aftermarket trike kits don’t greatly increase the length of the motorcycle. But we have to mention that certain trike kits come with a rear trunk and a bulkier rear body, which may add a couple of inches to the motorcycle. But in most cases, this increase isn’t significant!  

For example, Honda Goldwing trikes are about 104-110 inches long.

So finally, the length of a converted trike is dependent on two factors: the length of the base motorcycle and the design of the trike kit.

Let’s move on and take a look at the length of some factory trikes:

  • Piaggio MP3 500 (scooter): 85 inches
  • Yamaha Tricity 300 (scooter): 88.5 inches
  • Yamaha Niken GT: 84.6 inches
  • Harley Davidson factory trikes: 103-105 inches
  • Can-Am Ryker: 92.6 inches
  • Can-Am Spyder: 109.3 inches

Based on our research, average trike motorcycles are 85-110 inches long, while the length of trike scooters is in the 85-90-inch range.

How Much Does a Trike Weigh?

As you might assume, thanks to the extra wheel and an entire rear assembly, most trike motorcycles are heavier than their 2-wheel siblings. However, the lightest factory trikes weigh only 600-650 pounds, which is less than many cruiser motorcycle! On the other end of the spectrum, you can find the big boys like Harley-Davidson trikes. These massive 3-wheel Harley trikes can reach the whopping 1100-1250-pound range!

Some examples of average trike motorcycle weights:

  • Piaggio MP3 500 (scooter): 557 lbs.
  • Yamaha Tricity 300 (scooter): 527 lbs.
  • Yamaha Niken GT: 580 lbs.
  • Harley-Davidson trikes: 1100-1250 lbs.
  • Can-Am Ryker: 627 lbs.
  • Can-Am Spyder: 987 lbs.

How Much Does a Goldwing Trike Weigh?

You can expect a Honda Goldwing trike to weigh about 1,100-1,250 pounds. The curb weight of an average 2-wheel Goldwing ranges from 850 pounds up to 950 pounds, while trike kits are typically 350-400 pounds.

However, keep in mind that when professionals install the kit on a trike, they also remove the original rear wheel and the swingarm. Consequently, the weight of a trike can’t be calculated by adding the above-mentioned numbers!

For your convenience, we’ve gathered some examples of Honda Goldwing trike weights from the website of Motor Trike:

  • Honda GL1800 “CONDOR” trike conversion: 1,120 pounds
  • Honda GL1800 “PROWLER RT” trike conversion: 1,134 pounds
  • Honda GL1800 “RAZOR” trike conversion: 1,200 pounds
  • Honda GL1500 “COUPE” trike conversion: 1,145 pounds
  • Honda GL1500 “PHOENIX” trike conversion: 1,250 pounds

How Much Weight Can a Trike Hold?

In general, most trikes can hold about 400-600 pounds depending on the make and model. According to the manual of the newest models, Harley trikes can hold 457-582 pounds. Regarding custom trike conversions, their weight limits vary according to the manufacturer of the trike kit.


As you already know, trikes are significantly wider than ordinary motorcycles. The majority of full-sized trike motorcycles are 35-66 inches wide, while the width of trike scooters is typically only 30-32 inches.

Furthermore, trikes are not only wider, but also heavier compared to 2-wheel motorcycles.

This means that trike scooters usually weigh 500-600 pounds, while the sporty Yamaha Niken GT is no less than 580 pounds.

The heaviest trikes are arguably factory-made cruiser trikes as well as trike conversions. These huge vehicles can reach a whopping 1,100-1,300 pounds.

If you are curious about the specifications of the best trike kits, don’t miss our detailed post about the major manufacturers!


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