What Oil Can You Use for a Honda Outboard? [Video]

As a rule of thumb, the manufacturer recommends Honda Marine FC-W™ 10W-30 Motor Oil for each Honda outboard, regardless of its displacement or engine power. If this oil is not available, Honda recommends that you use API service category SG, SH, or SJ oil.

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What Engine Oil Can You Use for a Honda Outboard?

As the name suggests, Honda Marine FC-W™ 10W-30 Motor Oil is specifically formulated for 4-stroke Honda marine engines.

This oil is an NMMA-Approved, 4-stroke, water-cooled, gasoline engine lubricant.

Specifically formulated for the marine environment, the Honda Marine FC-W™ 10W-30 provides superior lubrication and engine protection in all circumstances.

This proven marine oil was tested by the Honda R&D department and certified for use in all 4-stroke Honda marine engines from 2 up to 250 HP. Therefore, it complies with the factory service and warranty requirements.

According to the manufacturer, the key features of the Honda Marine FC-W™ 10W-30 engine oil are as follows:

  • Increased rust and oxidation inhibitors to fight corrosion in the marine environment
  • Shear-stable polymers to resist viscosity breakdown under high rpm and high load conditions
  • Better anti-foaming characteristics to better protect the engine at high rpm
  • Excellent performance in High Temperature High Shear Viscosity test to ensure viscosity retention despite the fuel dilution associated with marine engines
  • Additional anti-wear additives for better bearing protection

What Gear Case Oil Can You Use for a Honda Outboard?

The recommended gear case oil for Honda outboards is the semi-synthetic Honda Marine OEM Gear Case Oil (SAE 80W-90). If this oil is not available, you can still use any other API (GL-4/5) SAE90 Hypoid gear oil.

The key features of the SAE 80W-90 Honda Marine Gear Case Oil are as follows:


  • High sheer strength resists viscosity breakdown
  • Special additives protect against wear, corrosion and Scuffing
  • Meets Honda’s Warranty requirements
  • Improves the life expectancy of gear cases
  • Exceeds API service classifications GL-4 and GL-5
  • SAE 80W-90 hypoid gear case oil- Check your owner’s manual for engine compatibility

How Often Should You Change Oil in a Honda Outboard?

According to the manufacturer, you should change the engine oil in your Honda outboard every 100 hours or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

If your motor is brand new, you should change the oil after the first month or 20 hours of operation.

For your motor’s exact service requirements please refer to the owner’s manual.


If you have a 4-stroke Honda outboard, best practice is to use Honda Marine FC-W™ 10W-30 Motor Oil in it.

This genuine Honda marine engine oil is a National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) certified lubricant, specifically formulated for Honda outboards.

If this oil is not available for some reason, the manufacturer recommends that you use API service category SG, SH, or SJ oil with a viscosity of 10W-30.

It’s very important that you never use automotive oil in a Honda outboard since marine and automotive oils are vastly different.


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