How Much Does It Cost to Change Motorcycle Tires?

As a rule of thumb, it costs about $20-$80 to change a motorcycle tire. If you take off the wheels and bring them into a shop you can expect to pay $20-$40 per wheel. But if you bring the whole bike into the shop be prepared to pay $40-$80 per wheel, in addition to the cost of the tires of course. Some dealerships may quote you much more, but don’t be ripped off!

If you want to learn more about motorcycle tire change costs, you are in the right place.

We at PowerSportsGuide have gathered the average prices as well as the cheapest solutions under one roof!

How much does it cost to change motorcycle tires?

How Much Does It Cost to Change Motorcycle Tires?

It’s safe to say that the cheapest way to change motorcycle tires would be if you do the work yourself. However, as you will see, this is not recommended for security reasons.

A reputable shop can not only professionally mount your tires, but they also balance the wheels with a special rebalancing machine.

Balancing the wheels is very important since only a slight weight difference can lead to vibration. That’s why it’s recommended that you get the tire change done by a professional who can rebalance the wheels along with changing the tires.

Moreover, many shops offer a discount or don’t even charge for the change if you buy the tires from them.

You can also keep your costs low if you pull the wheels off yourself and bring them into the shop. This way it will cost about $40-$80 to change a pair of motorcycle tires.

On the other hand, many riders simply prefer riding to a dealership or a local shop to get the tire change done. This is arguably the most convenient solution, but also the most expensive!

If you are also considering visiting a shop, it’s recommended that you shop around to find the best rates available. The labor costs vary widely depending on the size and location of shop.

As you may assume, you can expect the highest rates at authorized dealerships. It’s not uncommon for dealers to quote $150-$400 to change motorcycle tires!

In contrast, small local shops are significantly cheaper, as they usually charge $80-$160 for the entire job.

It’s also good to know that replacing the tire on the front wheel is always significantly cheaper than the rear, a 50% difference in price between the two wheels is not uncommon.

However, best practice is to replace both tires at the same time!

Can I Change a Motorcycle Tire Myself?

Can I change a motorcycle tire myself? – we get this question a lot and the answer is that it depends. Although it is possible to change the tires on your motorcycle at home, in most cases this is not recommended. Why?

When it comes to motorcycles, the primary consideration should always be safety.

And improperly mounted tires can be dangerous in many ways, so it’s not worth the risk of gambling with them! Contrary to popular belief, changing tires requires skill as well as some specialized tools.

Even if you can properly mount the tires, you always risk scratching the rims or damaging the new tires.

Additionally, a professional shop not only changes the tires, but their service typically includes the balancing, lining, setting the chains tight, and a test ride as well.

Although you can do all of these tasks yourself, it still takes time and effort. It may take hours just pulling the wheels off, mounting and inflating the tires, and finally balancing and replacing the wheels.

This is why best practice is to get it done by a tire shop. Let’s see where you can find one!

Can any Tire Shop Change a Motorcycle Tire?

It’s safe to say that the majority of tire shops can change motorcycle tires, even dedicated auto tire shops. In most cases, it makes sense to visit a local shop rather than ride many miles to a dealership. What’s more, local shops are typically much cheaper as well! But to make sure they can handle the change it’s worth a phone call first.

Can You Change a Motorcycle Tire on a Car Tire Machine?

Whether you can change a motorcycle tire on a car tire machine is strictly dependent on its design. While many older machines could change motorcycle tires without any issues, modern machines clamp on the rim and feature a rotating table. This means if you want to change a motorcycle tire on these machines you will likely need an adapter, which holds the wheel higher off the rotating table.

Unfortunately, many of the newest car tire machines can’t be used at all to change motorcycle tires. This is because some manufacturers don’t provide adapters for motorcycle wheels.

If you have access to a tire machine and are considering replacing the tires yourself, make sure to have somebody close by who is familiar with using the machine.

Operating a tire machine is not rocket science, but like any other power tool it can be dangerous in many ways. Doing it wrong can damage the tire or even the surface of the rim!


If you want to change the tires on your motorcycle you have four options:

DIY tire replacement: Even if this is the cheapest way to change the tires unless you’re an experienced mechanic it’s not recommended that you do it yourself. Keep in mind that doing it wrong can damage the tires or even the rims. Keeping safety in mind, best practice is that you leave it for professionals.

Remove the wheels: Many riders prefer pulling the wheels and bring into a local shop or a dealership, so you may want to consider this solution. This way, you can get much better rates while making sure that the tires are professionally replaced and balanced. If you bring the wheels in yourself, changing a pair of motorcycle tires typically costs $40-$80 in most tire shops.

Ride to a tire shop/dealership: The most convenient solution is arguably riding into a tire shop or a dealership to get the job done. The rates of smaller tire shops range from $40 up to $80 while dealerships can even quote $150-$400!

The rates vary widely depending on the size and the location of the shop, so it makes sense to shop around before making a decision!

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