Can-Am Motorcycles to Make an Electric Comeback! [Video]

To the greatest delight of many fans, Can-Am motorcycles to make a comeback in 2024! These electric bikes will be powered by Rotax e-power engines and come with a wide range of innovative features.

If you want to find out more about the all-new electric Can-Am motorcycles, this post is for you.

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Does Can-Am Still Make Motorcycles?

The history of Can-Am motorcycles goes back to 1973 when Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) introduced its lineup of 2-wheeled motorcycles. These machines were high-performance dirt bikes that instantly became popular among racers.

Thanks to their powerful Rotax engines and well-designed features. Can-Am dirt bikes won numerous competitions.

Unfortunately, in 1987 the Canadian manufacturer ceased its entire 2-wheel motorcycle line to focus more on its aviation and transportation division.

After a hiatus of many years, Can-Am motorcycles will make a comeback for the 50th anniversary of first being introduced.

But unlike their gas-powered predecessors, the new 2-wheeled Can-Am bikes will return with all-electric engines.

With this step, the manufacturer not only brings back its legendary motorcycle lineup but also enters the market of electric powersport vehicles.

Who Makes Can-Am Motorcycles?

Can-Am motorcycles are manufactured by Bombardier Recreational Products, commonly known as BRP.

The Canadian industry giant is known for its wide range of gas-powered powersport vehicles like Can-Ams, Ski-Doo snowmobiles, and Sea-Doo PWCs.

In the late 2010s, BRP turned towards the electric vehicle market after acquiring the assets of Alta Motors.

This California-based manufacturer was one of the biggest names in the electric dirt bike industry.

Although their full-electric dirt bikes were very popular among riders, the company became financially troubled in 2018, which ended in an acquisition.

With this purchase, the technology of Alta Motors was put into electric Can-Am motorcycles, a very exciting development.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about these machines in detail!

2024 Can-Am Motorcycle Lineup

As reported by the manufacturer, a complete lineup of electric Can-Am motorcycles is to be released in 2024.

The teaser image and the official promotion video show silhouettes of four different models. Two of them are already revealed and displayed in certain showrooms, the Can-Am Pulse and the Can-Am Origin.

The former is a street-intended model while the Origin is designed to be a dual sport motorcycle. Yes, that’s right, this bike will be a fully electric dual-sport motorcycle!

The full specs of these bikes will only be released next year, but the currently known features of the Origin are as follows:

  • Engine: Rotax e-power
  • “Highway capable” top speed and HP rating
  • Onboard charger for quick charging (Level 2)
  • Dunlop Trailmax Mission dual-sport tires
  • LED front and rear lights
  • 21/18 spoked wheel setup
  • Launch set for mid-2024

Besides the Origin, the entire Can-Am motorcycle lineup will be powered by the full-electric Rotax e-power engine.

The specs of the batteries are still unknown, but they will utilize an onboard charging system with standard Level 2 charging compatibility.

Just like any other electric motorcycles, the new Can-Am bikes will also lack a transmission and clutch, which ensures easy, convenient control.

What’s more, the electric power source produces a vibration-free, very quiet operation with precise throttle control even at lower speeds.

These bikes also feature a huge display mounted on the handlebars that looks like a tablet rather than a conventional dashboard.

Regarding availability, the manufacturer promises that the first Can-Am electric motorcycles will hit dealerships in mid-2024.


The motorcycle industry is moving towards electric technology, encouraging BRP to re-enter the 2-wheeled motorcycle market.

This means that the legendary Can-Am fleet is going to be expanded with a new series of electric motorcycles.

Each of these bikes will come with many innovative features including a Rotax e-power engine, Level 2 charger, large tablet-like dashboard, and LED lights.

The first production model will probably be the Origin launched in 2024, closely followed by the Pulse.

Also, we are sure that the new electric engines will be carried over to more and more BRP products like Ski-Doos, Sea-Doos, and Can-Ams.

It seems like we are very much at the beginning of a new era of powersport vehicles!


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