6 Best Places to Buy an ATV [To Find the Best Deals!]

Are you looking for an ATV for yourself? If you are then you’re definitely going to want to know where to look and we’ve got a few places that are definitely going to make it easy for you. All you have to do is take a look at each of them and see which one (or which ones) has the best information or the most information to get you started.

Our top places to look are:

  • Used ATV websites
  • Online classifieds site
  • Online forums and Facebook groups
  • Dealerships
  • Rental services
  • Auctions

What Are the Best Used ATV Websites?

The first place you should look is the used ATV websites. You can always buy a new unit, but you may want to take a look at some of the options in used before you do. After all, you might be surprised just how many used ATVs are available and what kind of options you can get when you look. Check out these websites to find the best:

Each of these websites offers you options and filters to make sure you’re looking at only the type of ATV that you really want. Just remember that they’re going to be nationwide so you will need to narrow down your search area or be willing to travel in order to get some of the best deals.

Other Online Classifieds Sites

The classifieds are a great place to look for just about anything so you’ll want to take a look at these websites to find out as much as you can and see about choosing the best ATV. Each of them has slightly different offerings and you’ll want to compare them to see which will work best for your budget and any needs that you might have as well.

  • eBay
  • Kijiji
  • Craigslist
  • Classifieds in local newspapers

Classified ads are great because you’re dealing with an individual (in most cases) and that usually means you can get a great deal. You also get to narrow down your search results by your area so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect ATV only to realize that it’s located a lot further away than you wanted. All you need to do is be willing to scan through a longer list of options because it’s harder to filter in a classified site.

Online Forums and Facebook Groups

You can find forums on just about everything and that includes those dedicated to buying and selling used (or new) ATVs. You’ll want to look for any that are dedicated to your area or those that are specific to the type of ATV that you want. You can also find plenty of general options as well.

You can find the best ATV forums here.

These forums and groups could be dedicated to brands or they might be more general. It’s really up to you because there are tons of them out there. If you’re a more casual buyer or you want to find out more information first these are going to be a great way to get started. Once you’ve got the ATV you may still want to check out these places, however, as they’re going to give you even more information about your ATV and anything you might need to know to keep it in the best shape possible.


Dealerships for ATVs are a lot like the ones that you’ll find for cars. They often have a lot of options and can even order you a new ATV that matches exactly what you want. Plus, they often buy and sell used options as well, which means you may be able to find what you want at a great price.

Make sure you ask about any used ATVs that they might have, as these might not be as clearly displayed. You may also want to let them know what you’re looking for so they can keep an eye out for you. They may know someone who is looking to sell but hasn’t delivered their ATV to a dealership yet. Or they may be willing to watch for options for you and notify you if something comes up.

Rental Services

ATV rental places will often decide to sell their old stock when they get new ones. And they tend to have to update their stock relatively frequently. After all, they want to keep up with the latest tech and the top safety options. If you’re looking for a great deal and you don’t mind an ATV with a lot of miles this could be the way to go.

These ATVs might be a little worse for wear, but the rental service will definitely keep them in operating condition and make sure that they’re safe. Or they might be willing to sell a broken unit that you can fix-up easier than they can.


You can find some dedicated ATV auctions or you could go to a regular auction or car auction to find them. The best thing is to call up the auction house or whoever is hosting the auction and find out what’s going to be up for bidding before you go. That way you can make sure there will be at least a couple of ATVs available.

Bonus Tip: Just Google for ATV for Sale Near Me

If you want to find the top options in your local area the best thing to do is go to Google and type in ’ATV for sale near me.’ You can also include your city and state to get dedicated results that are local. That way it’s even easier for you to find what you want and actually get out there to get it.

Just remember some of these listings could be dealerships and some might be individuals. If you really want to focus on only one type of seller you may want to go to websites that are dedicated to that or make sure your screen through the results.

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