The 17 Best Car Forums You Should Join

If you have an interest in cars there are many out there, but sometimes you want something specified. Below is a large list of best car forums that go from general, large and overreaching, or specialized forums for specific brands.

Types of Different Car Forums

When it comes to choosing the type of car forum that you want to check out make sure you’re looking at:

  • General forums
  • Type of the cars (muscle cars, offroad, etc)
  • Brand-specific (BMW, Toyota, Ford, etc.)
  • Engine specific
  • For a location

The 17 Best Car Forums

Car Forums

If you want to talk about cars of all types then The Car Forums is the place to go. You’ll find a huge forum with plenty of discussions going actively at any given time, and you’re going to find general sections related to different types of cars, like Asian and European models.

Automotive Forums

If you’re ready to talk about any car currently on the market and even some that aren’t you’ll want to take a closer look at Automotive Forums. This is where you’re going to find plenty of information and a lot of people to talk to. It may have gotten a little quieter recently, but you’ll still find a decent amount of traffic and active discussions.

This general forum is great for those who have more general questions. You’ll find less brand-oriented content but you can ask any questions that you might have. You’ll also find that it’s getting a little less popular, but that doesn’t mean there’s no one around to talk with.


If you want to talk a little more general about cars and even motorcycles and bikes you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find specific discussions related to different manufacturers as well as general discussions related to different types of vehicles or vehicle problems.

Hybrid Cars

For those who are interested in hybrid cars, you’re definitely going to love this forum. It’s all about each of the different car brands that are currently offering hybrid engines. You’ll definitely see more activity coming around as more and more people start to get active on the hybrid and electric car scene.

If you own a Mazda Miata or you’re just a big fan of them then you won’t want to miss out on this forum. It has plenty of information about the vehicle and all of the different aspects of it so you can learn a whole lot more. You can check out the FAQs, ask questions, and a whole lot more of other fans and owners.


Started in 2003, this forum is designed for Ford Focus owners or fans. You’ll be able to discuss the vehicle, classifieds, maintenance, troubleshooting and anything else that you might want to know about these fun vehicles. Plus you’ll be able to take a look back on nearly 6 million posts.


When it comes to owning an Alfa Romeo you definitely want to know who to talk to and find out more information about it. That’s where this forum comes in. It’s been around since 2002 and lets you talk all about performance, modifications, maintenance, troubleshooting, dealerships, parts, and a whole lot more.


If you own a Kia or you’re a fan of the Kia brand you’ll want to check out this forum that lets you talk about the Soul, Sportage, Rio, Sorento, and all other Kia models and brands. You’ll be able to communicate with others who are just as big of fans as you, over 145,000 of them to be exact.


If you’re into the Camaro or Firebird you can check out this discussion group that will give you plenty of different topics and ways to start up your own discussions about anything important to you.

VWVortex Car Forum

Love the VW? Then you’re going to want to look at this huge forum that will give you a whole lot of information and make sure that you’re able to get a new one or find out more about the old versions. There are even discussions about other types of cars so you can fulfill any of your interests.

Nissan Club

You’ll find everything you could possibly want to know about the Nissan brand here, from the oldest vehicles to the newest ones. And you’re going to love that there’s a whole lot of people still using this forum actively so there is plenty to talk to.


Anyone who loves BMWs is going to want to look at this forum, which gives you info for the latest vehicles as well as some of the old favorites. You’ll be able to find different sections and discussions that are related to all different types of BMW vehicles and can even provide you with high-quality help with anything you might need.


Talk to all your fellow BMW fans right here, with plenty of discussions related to everything that you could possibly need. You’re going to have no problem finding a discussion board about things that are important to you, whether you’re looking to buy one or you already have your dream BMW.


Want to really get into a specific conversation? Then you’re going to want to start looking at this forum related to the VW, but not just the VW, the Turbo Direct Injection Diesel Engine on the VW. You’re going to find a whole lot of discussions that relate to exactly that.


For those who love Honda vehicles, this is the blog to go to. You’re going to have discussions about more than just the tech because Honda-Tech is actually about anything and everything related to your Honda vehicle.

Started back in 2001, this Ford Mustang forum is designed to let you discuss performance, power adders, DIY, Vin decoders, modifications, and a whole lot more to find out everything you possibly can about your vehicle.


As you can tell there are many useful car forums out there. If none of these fit with what you’re looking for or are looking for a specific model not mentioned here they will likely be a group out there, but starting with a general car forum will get you a good start.


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