How Fast Can a Bayliner Go? [Top Speed Chart]

Based on our research, the average top speed of the latest Bayliner boats is between 29 and 55 mph. To be more precise, the approximate top speed figures in each class are as follows:

  • Element (Deck Boat): 29-43 mph
  • DX (Deck Boat): 40-45 mph
  • VR (Bowrider): 44-52 mph
  • Trophy (Center Console): 34-55 mph

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How Fast Can a Bayliner Go?

(Disclaimer: Note that the top speed of a Bayliner may depend on many factors like the prop size, load, and environmental conditions. Therefore, please consider our numbers as ballpark figures.)

How Fast Can a Bayliner Element Go?

Entry-level Bayliner Elements can hit a top speed of 29-43 mph depending on their hull size and engine option.

Each of these boats enjoys the patented M-hull design. This special hull configuration offers very good out-of-the-hole acceleration and top speed even with relatively small engines.

According to this factory test, a Bayliner Element M15 fitted with a 4-stroke Mercury 40hp engine could hit a top speed of 29.1 mph at 6200 RPM. The cruising speed of this setup is about 20 mph at 4500 RPM. And it can reach this speed in 8.44 seconds.

Thanks to its small engine, this boat gets outstanding fuel economy as well.

Its bigger brother, the Element M17 tops out at 35-36 mph with the base 60hp motor, but it can hit around 38-40 mph with the 90hp option.

The 18-footer Element E18 is available with either 90hp or 115hp outboard motors, which ensure top speeds of 35-37 and 40-42 mph respectively.

These power sources are also offered for the 19-footer Element M19, which tops out at 38-40 mph with the optional 115hp motor.

If you are looking for the fastest Bayliner Element, the E21 is for you.

Despite its dry weight of 2,645 pounds, this boat can do 40-41 mph with the base 115hp motor, while the 150hp option it can hit close to 42-43 mph.

How Fast Can a Bayliner DX Deck Boat Go?

The top speed of a Bayliner DX deck boat can be anywhere from 40 to 47 mph. These boats are available with both outboard and sterndrive engines with engine power up to 250 HP.

The entry-level model in this breed is the DX2000, which is marketed with a 20-foot hull fitted with 115/150hp outboards.

Rigged with the optional 4-stroke Mercury 150hp outboard, the DX2000 could hit a top speed of 45-47 mph while it cruises 26-28 mph.

The performance of its sterndrive-powered variant, the DX2050 more than likely falls into the same ballpark. Although this model is significantly heavier, it enjoys a much more powerful, MerCruiser ECT 4.5L MPI engine rated at 200 or 250hp.

Fitted with a 200hp Mercury outboard, the 22-footer DX2200 can reach a top speed of 40-42 mph, while its cruising speed is 28-30 mph.

Its sterndrive counterpart (DX2250) offers similar performance under the same external circumstances.

A factory report from Mercury Marine shows that the top end of the DX2250 fitted with the optional 250hp MerCruiser ECT 4.5L MPI Sterndrive engine was 43.4 mph at 5200 RPM.

The best cruising speed of this boat was 26.5 mph at 3500 RPM.

How Fast Can a Bayliner VR Bowrider Go?

The top speed of production Bayliner bowrider boats varies between 44-52 mph.

As an example, the entry-level, 19-footer VR4 fitted with a 150hp outboard can reach shy of 50 mph and easily cruise in the mid-20s.

The more advanced VR5 has a 21-foot hull and can be ordered with either a 115/150hp outboard or 200/250hp sterndrive propulsion.

Based on this test, the VR5 with a 250hp MerCruiser 4.5L engine topped out at 50.5 mph while its best cruising speed was 27-28 mph at 3000 RPM.

As far as acceleration goes, the VR5 got on plane in 4-5 seconds and reached 30 mph in 9-10 seconds.

The roomier VR5 OB fitted with a 150hp Mercury outboard reaches a top speed of 44-46 mph. Its cruising speed is roughly 26-27 mph.

Marketed as the fastest VR Bayliner, the VR6 with a 250hp 4.5L MerCruiser can reach a top speed of 51-52 mph.

The optimal cruising speed of this boat was 26-28 mph and it could get on plane in just over 3 seconds.

How Fast Can a Bayliner Trophy Go?

Thanks to their relatively lightweight hulls, Bayliner Trophy fishing boats are pretty fast. The top speed of these vessels averages between 34 and 55 mph depending on their hull size and engine option.

According to this performance bulletin, the smallest Bayliner Trophy T18Bay rigged with the optional 115hp Mercury outboard can reach a top speed of 35.9 mph at 5500 RPM. Cruising at 3500 RPM, the speed of this boat remains a healthy 20.4 mph.

While the T18Bay and T21Bay are built on the unique M-hulls, the rest of the Trophy lineup have standard deep-V hulls.

The smallest model in this deep-V Trophy class is the T20CC, which tops out at 40-42 mph with a 150hp Mercury outboard.

Its 22-footer variant, the T22CC comes with a wide range of engine options from 150hp up to 300hp.

As an example, the 250hp Mercury 4-stroke engine can propel this boat to a top speed of 50-53 mph while it cruises at 40 mph.

With a maximum engine power of 300hp, this Bayliner could more than likely hit a whopping 55 mph. However, many experts claim that 200-250hp is plenty enough for this boat.

The largest Bayliner Trophy in the latest lineup is the T24CC. Rigged with a 250hp Mercury outboard, this 24-footer center console fishing boat can reach a top speed of 48-50 mph with a light load.

Bayliner Top Speed Chart

For your convenience, we’ve listed the available top speed figures of production Bayliner boats in one chart:

ModelApprox. Top Speed (mph)Engine
Element M1529-30 mph40hp OB
Element M1531-33 mph50hp OB
Element M1735-36 mph60hp OB
Element M1738-40 mph90hp OB
Element E1835-37 mph90hp OB
Element E1840-42 mph115hp OB
Element M1938-40 mph115hp OB
Element E2140-41 mph115hp OB
Element E2142-43 mph150hp OB
DX200045-47 mph150hp OB
DX220040-42 mph200hp OB
DX225043 mph250hp IO
VR4 Bowrider OB48-50 mph150hp OB
VR4 Bowridernana
VR5 Bowrider OB44-46 mph150hp OB
VR5 Bowrider50-51 mph250hp IO
VR6 Bowrider OBnana
VR6 Bowrider51-52 mph250hp IO
Trophy T18Bay35-37 mph115hp OB
Trophy T21Baynana
Trophy T20CC40-42 mph150hp OB
Trophy T22CC50-53 mph250hp OB
Trophy T24CC48-50 mph250hp OB

Disclaimer: The top speed figures in this post are just ballpark figures for informational purposes only. Please note that the top speed of a Bayliner is dependent on many factors like engine option, size of the prop, load, and environmental conditions.


As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions on the topic.

What is the top speed of a Bayliner boat?

The average top speed of Bayliner boats is between 29 and 55 mph.

Which Bayliner is the fastest?

The fastest Bayliners in the latest lineup are the VR Bowriders and the Trophy “CC” series with deep-V hulls. Rigged with the most powerful engine options, these boats offer a top speed of 50-55 mph.

How fast can a Bayliner bowrider go?

Christened as the VR family, Bayliner’s latest bowriders can reach a top speed of 44-52 mph.


  • VR4 OB + Mercury 150hp: 48-50 mph
  • VR5 OB + Mercury 150hp: 44-46 mph
  • VR5 + MerCruiser 250hp: 50-51 mph
  • VR6 + MerCruiser 250hp: 51-52 mph

How fast can a Bayliner deck boat go?

You can expect the top speed of production Bayliner deck boats to be in the ballpark of 29-45 mph. The top speed of entry-level Element deck boats is around 29-42 mph, while high-quality DX models top out at 40-45 mph.

How fast can a Bayliner center console go?

The available speed on a Bayliner Trophy center console boat is 34-55 mph depending on their size and engine power.


  • Trophy T18Bay + Mercury 115hp: 35-37 mph
  • Trophy T20CC + Mercury 150hp: 40-42 mph
  • Trophy T22CC + Mercury 250hp: 50-53 mph
  • Trophy T24CC + Mercury 250hp: 48-50 mph

How fast does a Bayliner Capri go?

Although the iconic Bayliner Capri series is no longer in production, you can find many of these vintage boats out on the water. As a rule of thumb, a Bayliner Capri can reach a top speed of 45-55 mph depending on the model.


  • Capri 175 + 135hp 3.0L MerCruiser: 44-46 mph
  • Capri 185 + 135hp 3.0L MerCruiser: 42-43 mph
  • Capri 185 + 220hp V6 MerCruiser: 51-53 mph
  • Capri 203 + 220hp V6 MerCruiser: 50-52 mph
  • Capri 1800 + 125hp MerCruiser: 40-42 mph
  • Capri 2150 + 220hp 5.0L V8 MerCruiser: 50-52 mph
  • Capri 2350 + 220hp 5.0L V8 MerCruiser: 48-50 mph

How fast does a Bayliner Ciera go?

The Bayliner Ciera line included very nice cruisers that were designed for comfort rather than high speeds. However, even these bulky vessels could hit 35-42 mph with a single and 40-50 mph with a twin-engine configuration.


  • Ciera 245 + 220hp MerCruiser: 34-35 mph
  • Ciera 2855 + 300hp MerCruiser 350MAG + Bravo III: 35-37 mph
  • Ciera 2655 + 5.0 MerCruiser LX Alpha: 40-41 mph
  • Ciera 3055 + twin 300hp MerCruiser 350 MAG + Bravo III: 45-47 mph

The top speeds of other popular Bayliner models include:

  • Bayliner Discovery 195 + 135hp V6 MerCruiser: 40-41 mph
  • Bayliner 195 Deck Boat + 220hp MerCruiser 4.3L MPI: 45-46 mph
  • Bayliner 185 + 220hp 5.0L MerCruiser Alpha I.: 51-53 mph
  • Bayliner 170 OB + 115hp Mercury: 39-41 mph
  • Bayliner 160 + 90hp Mercury OptiMax: 43-44 mph
  • Bayliner 160 + 60hp Mercury 4-stroke: 29-30 mph
  • Bayliner 205 + 250hp 5.7L MerCruiser Alpha I: 50-52 mph
  • Bayliner 235 + Mercury 300M 350 MAG: 53-54 mph
  • Bayliner 285 + MerCruiser 350 MAG + Bravo III: 35-37 mph



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