How Much Fuel Does a Bayliner Use? [Mpg Chart]

As a rule of thumb, the fuel consumption of Bayliner boats (latest US models) is somewhere between 4 and 25 gph, which translates to 7-2 mpg at WOT. At best cruising speed, these figures drop to 2-7 gph and 9-4 mpg.

To be more precise, average gph figures by category are as follows (at WOT):

  • Bayliner Element: 4-14 gph
  • Bayliner DX: 12-20 gph
  • Bayliner VR: 12-19 gph
  • Bayliner Trophy: 10-25 gph

If you want to find out more about the fuel economy of Bayliner boats and compare their mpg and gph figures in one chart, this post is for you.

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How Much Fuel Does a Bayliner Use?

In this post, we’ve listed some ballpark figures that have been pulled from real-world tests.

Note that factors such as the engine option, propeller dimensions, load, weight, water conditions, etc. may affect consumption!

How Much Fuel Does a Bayliner Element Use?

The popular Bayliner Elements burn 3.5-14 gph at WOT while getting 7.2-3 mpg. At best cruising speed, the fuel economy of these boats is reduced to 2-4.3 gph and 9.2-4.7 mpg.

Thanks to their patented M-hull design, Bayliner Elements can be rigged with smaller outboard motors than competitor vessels. What’s more, they can easily get on plane and have a smaller draft than their V-shaped brothers.

This translates to better fuel economy and better fuel range.

The most fuel-efficient Bayliner is arguably the Element M15 rigged with the base 40hp Mercury outboard.

This setup only burns 2.1 gph and gets an impressive 9.2 mpg while cruising at 4500 RPM. At this revolution, the boat can reach a speed of 19-20 mph and a cruising range of 110 miles.

But even if you’re hard on the throttle, the maximum fuel consumption of the M15 only jumps up to 3.8 gph. This converts to 7.2 mpg and a fuel range of 86 miles.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can find the flagship Bayliner Element, the E21.

Despite its 21-foot hull, the Element E21 only burns roughly 14 gph while running at its top speed of 42 mph. Since the boat gets approximately 3 mpg at WOT, its 40-gallon fuel tank ensures a fuel range of 120-130 miles.

When it comes to the best cruising speed, you can expect to get 4.7 mpg and 5 gph which turns into a whopping range of 208 miles.

How Much Fuel Does a Bayliner DX Deck Boat Use?

Based on our research, the fuel economy of a Bayliner DX deck boat can be anywhere from 12-21 gph at WOT and 5-7 gph while cruising.

The thirstiest model in this class is the DX2250 with the more powerful, MerCruiser 250 HP sterndrive engine option.

When boating at full throttle, this configuration burns 20 gph at 42-43 mph while getting 2 mpg. If you hold the horses back, these numbers can be tamed back to 7 gph at 26-27 mph.

The fuel range at this speed is 180-190 miles since the boat only gets 3.5-4.0 mpg.

Other boats in this class come with noticeably better fuel consumption figures, including the outboard-powered DX2200, as well as the 20-footer DX2000/DX2050 series.

How Much Fuel Does a Bayliner VR Bowrider Use?

The Bayliner VR Bowrider series comes with standard deep-V hulls, which are 19-23 feet long. You can expect the fuel economy of these boats to be in the ballpark of 12-19 gph at WOT and 4-8 gph at best cruising speed.

These popular boats can be fitted with either 115-200hp Mercury outboards or 200-250hp MerCruiser ECT 4.5L MPI Sterndrive engines. The latter is prone to burning more fuel due to its heavier weight and larger displacement.

The flagship model in this breed is the VR6 housing a 250hp MerCruiser ECT 4.5L MPI engine.

This configuration burns 19-20 gph at its top speed of 50-52 mph while getting 2.5-3.0 mpg. At the best cruising speed of 18-20 mph, its fuel consumption drops to 4-4.5 gph, which converts to 4-4.5 mpg.

Interestingly, the best cruising speed of the smaller VR5 fitted with the same 250hp MerCruiser engine is 32-34 mph.

When boating at this healthy speed, the VR5 burns 8 gph while getting 4.2 mpg, which increases to 19.2 gph/2.6 mpg at its top speed of 50.5 mph.

How Much Fuel Does a Bayliner Trophy Use?

The Bayliner Trophy line includes many great center console fishing boats, marketed with 90-300hp Mercury outboards. These vessels can burn anywhere from 10 to 25 gph at WOT and 3.5-9 gph at best cruising speed.

The most fuel-efficient Bayliner Trophy is the T18Bay, and with good reason. This boat is built on the 18-footer M-hull borrowed from the Element M18 deck boat.

Thanks to this unique hull, the T18Bay can be rigged with relatively small, 90 or 115hp Mercury outboards. Rigged with the optional 115hp outboard option, the boat burns 10.2 gph at 36 mph while getting 3.5 mpg.

The fuel range with the 33-gallon fuel tank is 81 miles at this speed, which can be expanded to 167 while cruising at 20.4 mph. At this speed, the boat burns as little as 3.7 gph and gets 5.6 mpg.

Another M-hull-based Bayliner Trophy is the T21Bay, which can be rigged with either 115 or 150hp engines. Depending on the engine variant, this boat can burn anywhere from 8-12 gph at WOT and 4-5 gph at 4000 RPM.

Besides the M-hulled Trophy models, another breed in this line is the “CC” class. These boats enjoy deep-V hulls which are 20, 22, or 24 inches in length, and can be opted with 115-300hp outboard motors.

The smallest and most fuel-efficient T20CC can be fitted with 115-175hp Mercury outboards. Utilizing the most powerful 175hp Mercury Pro XS, it burns 13.3 gph at its top speed of 42 mph while getting 2.6 mpg.

Cruising at 22.2 mph, the fuel consumption figures shrink to 5.6 gph and 3.9 mpg.

The fuel ranges with these speeds are 141 miles and 217 miles, respectively.

The mid-size V-hulled Bayliner Trophy is the T22CC, which is marketed with 150-300hp Mercury outboards.

As reported by this factory test, this boat fitted with a single 250hp Mercury 4-stroke outboard can burn 22.5 gph at 50 mph while getting 2.2 mpg. The fuel range of this setup is 144 miles at WOT, thanks to its 65-gallon fuel tank.

Cruising at a comfortable speed of 25.7 mph, the T22CC uses 5.6 gallons of gas per hour while getting 5.6 mpg. In this case, the fuel range of the boat is a remarkable 252 miles.

The largest production Bayliner in the US, the Trophy T24CC, can be rigged with 225, 250, or 300hp outboards.

According to the detailed review below, you can expect the fuel consumption of this boat to be 25 gph at its top speed of 45-50 mph. Since the boat gets 2 mpg, its sizeable 100-gallon fuel tank ensures a fuel range of 200 miles, even when boating at WOT.

Bayliner Fuel Consumption Chart

For your convenience, we’ve listed the fuel economy of some popular Bayliner models from the latest US lineup.

ModelGPH at WOTMPG at WOTGPH at Best CruiseMPG at Best CruiseEngine
Element M153.8-4 gph7-7.2 mph2-2.1 gph9-9.2 mpg40hp OB
Element M1911-11.5 gph3.3-3.5 mpg3.0-3.2 gph7-7.3 mpg115hp OB
Element E2113-14 gph3-3.2 mpg4.2-4.4 gph5-5.3 mpg150hp OB
DX225020-21 gph2-2.2 mpg7-7.2 gph3.5-3.7 mpg250hp I/O
VR5 Bowrider16-17 gph2.6-2.8 mpg8-8.3 gph4-4.3 mpg200hp I/O
VR6 Bowrider19-20 gph2.5-2.7 mpg4-4.3 gph4.2-4.4 mpg250hp I/O
Trophy T18Bay10-11 gph3.3-3.6 mpg3.5-3.8 gph5.5-5.7 mpg115hp OB
Trophy T20CC13-14 gph2.5-2.7 mpg5.5-5.7 gph3.8-4 mpg175hp OB
Trophy T22CC22-23 gph2.1-2.3 mpg6.5-6.7 gph3.8-4.0 mpg250hp OB
Trophy T24CC24-25 gph1.8-2 mpg250hp OB

Disclaimer: This chart is for informational purposes only! Factors such as weight, hull design, water conditions, propeller pitch, etc. may affect the consumption figures.

Takeaways – What is the Fuel Economy of a Bayliner?

As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions on the topic!

What is the fuel economy of a Bayliner?

In a nutshell, the average fuel economy of the latest Bayliner boats is as follows (at WOT):

  • Bayliner Element: 4-14 gph
  • Bayliner DX: 12-20 gph
  • Bayliner VR: 12-19 gph
  • Bayliner Trophy: 10-25 gph

Which Bayliner is the most fuel-efficient?

The most fuel-efficient Bayliner boat right now is the Element M15. Rigged with the base 40hp Mercury outboard, this boat uses as little as 3.8 gph at 29 mph while getting 7.2 mpg.

The best cruising speed of this setup is at 4500 RPM, when the boat burns 2.1 gph while getting 9.2 mpg.

Which Bayliner uses the most fuel?

The hungriest Bayliner in the latest lineup is the 24-footer Trophy T24CC. Fitted with the 250hp engine option, this boat burns 25 gph and gets 2.0 mpg at WOT.

When it comes to vintage models, the most gas is burned by the Bayliner 5788 with twin MAN610 engines.

What is the fuel economy of the Bayliner Ciera?

Due to their heavy hulls and large dimensions, the fuel economy of the Bayliner Ciera series can be anywhere from 1 to 2.5 mpg.

As a reference, here are some average fuel consumption figures of the most popular Bayliner Ciera models:

  • Ciera 2155 + 5.7L Volvo Sterndrive: 2 mpg at 25-28 mph
  • Ciera 2452 + 5.0L MerCruiser: 2-2.2 mpg and 10-12 gph while cruising at 25 mph (3900 RPM)
  • Ciera 2556 + 5.7L MerCruiser: 1.5-2 mpg at cruising speed
  • Ciera 2651 + 5.0L MerCruiser: 1.5-2 mpg at cruising speed
  • Ciera 2855 + MerCruiser 350 MAG MPI, Bravo 3: 1.5-2 mpg and 10-12 gph at 22-23 mph (3500 rpm)
  • Ciera 2858 + 7.4L MerCruiser Bravo 2: 1.4 mpg at 3800 RPM
  • Ciera 3055 + single 5.7L MerCruiser: 1 mpg/42.2 gph at 42 mph (WOT) and 1.3 mpg/23.8 gph at 31 mph

What is the fuel economy of the Bayliner Capri?

The engine options of the Bayliner Capri series start with the base 3.0L 135hp MerCruiser and goes up to high-end 7.4L 310hp MerCruiser MPI motors.

The fuel economy of these power sources is 10.5 and 28.5 gph at WOT, respectively,

As an example, the fuel economy of the entry-level Bayliner Capri 175 fitted with a 3.0L 135hp MerCruiser is 11.5 gph or 3.8 mpg at 43.7mph (WOT) and 6.1 gph/5 mpg at 30.6mph

What is the fuel economy of the Bayliner Motor Yacht?

You can expect the fuel economy of a Bayliner motor yacht to be in the ballpark of 0.75-2 mpg at cruising speed and as low as 0.35-0.5 at WOT.


  • Bayliner 4087 + 2 x Cummins 270: 29 gph at WOT and 15-17 gph at 15-16 mph
  • Bayliner 4788 + 2 x Cummins 330: 1.5-2 mpg at cruising speed
  • Bayliner 5788 + 2 x MAN610: 0.75 mpg at 20.7 mph (1900 RPM)


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