Is a Trike Safer Than a Motorcycle? [5 Factors to Consider]

There is no question that trikes are safer than motorcycles. They are more stable and visible in traffic. Additionally, riding a trike is less tiring, which also improves safety. On the other hand, trikes still don’t offer any protection for the rider. Therefore, they are considered much less safe than cars and trucks.

If you want to learn more about the motorcycle vs. trike safety debate, you are in the right place.

We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled the 5 key factors you should consider before you make your final decision!

Is a Trike Safer Than a Motorcycle?

1. Stability

It’s safe to say that the main reason why trikes are safer than motorcycles is their excellent stability.

Compared to motorcycles, trikes are much wider and heavier, which means they are more grounded and offer more stability. Therefore, they are much harder to tip over, which provides peace of mind for many buyers.

That’s why trikes are a great choice for touring. They remain stable and predictable even when carrying luggage and a passenger. The extra weight on a two-wheel motorcycle is always an issue since it results in a high center of gravity and more stressful rides.

In contrast, trikes can easily carry a passenger and a lot of gear!

Moreover, they can ride over gravel and dirt roads as well as metal grated bridges with ease.

2. Comfort

Another less obvious factor that makes trikes safer than motorcycles is the comfort they provide.

A trike offers a more convenient riding position, roomier seats, and better protection from wind. Additionally, thanks to their stability it takes much less physical effort to ride a trike than a regular motorcycle.

This means you can cover longer distances before you start getting tired. What’s more, since the ride is less tiring there is less risk of becoming distracted and making a mistake.

3. Better Visibility

The leading cause of motorcycle accidents is they’re difficult for other drivers to see in traffic. Since trikes are significantly larger than motorcycles, other drivers can see them more easily.

Also, since trikes are so wide you can’t “filter” them through traffic, so you can’t zip between cars in a traffic jam.

Surprisingly, this simple fact makes trikes safer than motorbikes, as this riding practice can be dangerous in many ways.

4. Better View of the Traffic

Many trikes offer a more advantageous riding position, which results in a better view of the traffic. This also plays an important role in providing security, especially in heavy urban traffic.

5. Are Trikes Easier to Ride Than Motorcycles?

The other main advantage of trikes is that they are easier to ride than motorcycles. This is because operating a trike is a lot like driving a car or an ATV. You turn the machine with the handlebar instead of having to counter-steer. In other words, you don’t have to lean into the curves like on a regular motorcycle. So, this makes trikes easier to ride especially for beginners.

Is Riding a Trike Different than a Motorcycle?

Yes, riding most trikes is vastly different than riding a motorcycle, since they turn like cars! Many say that riding a regular trike is more like riding an ATV than a bike. But it’s also good to know that you can find some reverse trikes on the market that feature two tiltable front wheels. Thanks to their special front suspension, these types of trikes offer a similar riding experience as a motorcycle.

The variety of trikes can be confusing, especially for beginners. For your convenience, we’ve compiled the main types of trikes under one roof for better understanding:

How Safe is Riding a Trike Motorcycle?

Let’s face it, riding a trike motorcycle is dangerous in many ways. Even if trikes are considered safer than motorcycles, they still don’t offer you any protection. The biggest concern is that your body is completely exposed to injuries in an accident. This carries many risks since motorcycle and trike accidents typically happen from the front, which will likely cause you to fall off the saddle and hit another vehicle, object, or the pavement.

In contrast, cars are much safer than trikes. In a car, you are inside an enclosed space surrounded by a metal body, airbags, and many other safety features.

If you are looking for the safest trike motorcycles, then “reverse” trikes are for you. These machines feature two front wheels, which provide more traction and stability in the corners.

What’s more, many new motorcycles are also equipped with airbags, ABS, traction control, and a lot of other safety features.

If you are considering converting a motorcycle to a trike, make sure you choose a model that is equipped with as many safety features as possible.


Thanks to their better stability and comfort, trikes are safer than motorcycles. The bigger body of these 3-three vehicles makes them more visible in traffic, which also results in more security.

Moreover, trikes are easy to drive since they offer a similar riding experience to ATVs. Because of these advantages, trikes are highly recommended for beginner and senior riders.

On the other hand, keep in mind that riding a trike motorcycle is not completely safe. Since on a trike you aren’t surrounded by a metal body and airbags like in a car, therefore you can easily be injured in an accident!

Keeping safety in mind, it’s highly recommended that you choose a trike with the most safety features available. Also, wear a helmet and suitable clothes every time you ride!


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